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    Top House Cleaning Services in Toronto

    Our professional cleaning services are the best in Toronto and we are certainly the most suitable option available to take care of all of your cleaning necessities.

    The Fresh Cleaning can help you save time and make sure your home is quickly cleaned. With residential and commercial cleaning services available, you will never go wrong in Toronto by employing us to make your work easier. We’re the best choice for cleaning services in Toronto and our aim is to satisfy our customers.

    Coming home to a house that has already been freshly cleaned after a long day is the perfect stress free way to unwind and rest. We can help you clean up after social occasions and manage all cleaning requirements based on the instructions that you have provided.

    We are the ideal choice for superior, world-class home cleaning benefits and services in Toronto that will keep you eagerly coming back for more. You should simply ask for a request to get your quoted price, book your time slot and relax as we handle and take care of everything for you.
    Whenever you need your home professionally cleaned, you can give us a call or contact us online. For further information, get in touch with us.

    In the off chance that your recurring home service team isn’t available, we always have substitute professionals who will take their place and do a great cleaning job as per your booking request.

    All of your residential or home cleaning needs can be met by us.
    You won’t ever need to go back to the way things were once we have cleaned your home. You will become accustomed to having us around thanks to our excellent one-time cleaning service of the highest caliber.

    Our residential house cleaning services in Toronto include:


    We can clean and polish the surfaces in your room, including the floor. Making the bed and cleaning up your room can be done as per your request. Our room cleaning experts will be able to take care of cleaning your bedroom for you quickly and easily. A thorough cleaning process can help to create a peaceful and calm space in your home.

    Your bedroom should be kept clean at regular intervals so that you can feel comfortable and relaxed in your private space. Our expert services can help your room look as good as new again. If cleaning your room is not a priority in your day-to-day life, let our professional home cleaners help make your job easier and do it for you.

    Dusting nightstands, TV stands, mirrors, shelves, and other home items that may be sitting around are all part of our bedroom cleaning services. We wipe down the room’s corners and the ceiling to remove any dust or cobwebs. In addition, our cleaners in Toronto will vacuum the covers and mop the floors, whether they are hardwood, overlay, or tile. Vacuuming will be done on the furniture as well as below it. We will empty the garbage cans and rubbish, and we will change the sheets and make the bed. Decorations, baseboards, and fans are also dusted, as are dusty or unclean surfaces.

    Our professional equipment and tools are used in such a way that any dirt, dust, or hair that may be embedded in your carpets or rugs are easily removed and cleaned. The carpet will be vacuumed in order to suck and eradicate all of the dust or bugs that have become embedded in the rug. We will clean your floor to remove any dirt and grime particles. Our high-level extraction machine will remove any remaining dirt, leaving you with a clean, dirt-free carpet.


    As hygiene is incredibly vital in the bathroom, it should always be clean and pristine. Microorganisms and other potentially hazardous particles may be present here. The Fresh Cleaning team of professionals ensure that any unsightly or unwanted substances are removed and that your bathroom smells fresh and sparkles when we’ve finished cleaning. Everything is cleaned, from the sink to the shower hose, and no place is left unclean.

    A cluttered bathroom in a generally tidy home is very bothersome and unpleasant for you and any others who may visit your home. Washroom bowl and sink washing are a few of the services we offer for cleaning bathrooms. Your shower curtain will be washed and we will wipe down your mirrors as well. All of the surfaces in your bathroom will be polished and cleaned. We’ll scrub and clean your bathroom’s floor and tiles completely. The windows and window panes, as well as the bathroom exhaust will also be cleaned.


    The most crucial room in your home that needs to be immaculately clean is the kitchen. This is where you cook and prepare the food that you will eventually eat. It goes without saying that regular meal preparation will result in a mess, and you will have to clean up the mess that will have been left behind. This could be a time-consuming and frustrating process.

    This is where our cleaning services can assist in making sure that your kitchen is spotless and in excellent condition. We take special care and put forth our best effort to ensure that this area of your home receives the highest quality of services.

    We take care of organizing and cleaning the various surfaces in your kitchen. The inside of your microwave will be scrubbed and cleaned thoroughly. Along with the seats and chairs, tables are also cleaned. Even the trash and any other waste in your kitchen will be removed by our staff. You can expect sensitive handling and careful treatment of your kitchen items.

    The kitchen door knobs or handles will be cleaned and disinfected, and the floor will be swept or mopped. Additionally, the exterior of your furniture and kitchen appliances like your oven, refrigerator, and microwave will be cleaned. If necessary, you can ask for inside cleaning of kitchen appliances.

    Your kitchen will be carefully cleaned, leaving the space shining throughout, looking completely new. We will clean and wipe down every surface in the kitchen, including the tables, floor, cabinets, sink, and more, until everything is spotless.

    We want to provide you sparkling countertops and cabinets. In the end, you will have a kitchen that will have been meticulously cleaned.

    Living Room

    In every home your living room will obviously not be immaculate because most family members or visitors are normally in this area. This part of your house is always busy, which could result in the living room getting messy. You shouldn’t worry at all because your living room will be thoroughly cleaned by our expert cleaning personnel. In accordance with your needs, you can also ask for specialized or tailored services.

    We are known for making sure that we cover every aspect and efficiently handle all kinds of spills, messes and chaotic cleaning situations of any kind. We begin by removing any spider webs or cobwebs, dusting, and cleaning the living room’s light fixtures and furniture surfaces. Our cleaning professionals thoroughly vacuum and clean the space to remove filth. We’ll dust and clean your blinds, windows, and other furniture.

    Taking heed of the instructions that you may have provided, we carefully dust trinkets while avoiding breakables and delicate objects that you may have instructed we shouldn’t come into contact with.
    Your living room’s flooring, tables, sofas, couches, nightstands, racks, and other pieces of furniture will all be taken care of and fully cleaned.


    Whether weekly, biweekly or monthly, you may take advantage of our house cleaning services in Toronto. You can pick whichever recurring option you’d like as per your cleaning preferences. To schedule your price quote and book your slot, get in touch with us now.


    • We will clean the surfaces in your room, including the tables, windows, and floor.
    • To provide a comfortable and peaceful environment, your room will be cleaned.
    • We’ll organize everything after cleaning and tidying the room’s furnishings.
    • The trash will be thrown out, and we’ll make sure the space smells clean.
    • Additionally, your mirror will be polished and spotless.
    • We’ll get rid of all rubbish, leftovers, dust, grime, and cobwebs and spider webs.
    • In order to fully disinfect and clean your room, the door handles will be washed and wiped off.
    • Your bed will be made with fresh sheets and cleaned up.


    • We will clean and sanitize the kitchen sink.
    • Cleaning will be done to the kitchen’s equipment and surfaces.
    • We will clean and wipe off your cabinets.
    • The garbage will be taken out and the floor will be cleaned.
    • The countertops will be cleaned and wiped.
      Your tables, chairs, and equipment or appliances will be cleaned by us.
    • Kitchen utensils and furniture will be cleaned.
    • The entire kitchen will be cleaned and sterilized.


    • To ensure that your restroom is sanitary, it will be completely cleaned and sanitized.
    • We will thoroughly clean the bathroom floor and tiles.
    • Cleaning and scrubbing will be done on the bathroom windows, windowsills, shower wall, fixtures and cupboards.
    • The bathroom surfaces will be cleaned to make them gleam.
    • The toilet will also be scrubbed completely.
    • The rubbish and trash will be removed and disposed of.
    • Any rugs in the bathroom will be washed, vacuumed and cleaned.
    • Your shower, washer, and dryer will be cleaned so that they are spotless.

    Other Rooms and Areas

    • We’ll clean, dust, the staircase and other areas of the house.
    • It is possible to request inside cleaning of equipment and appliances.
    • We’ll fix and clean your sofa or couch, including the cushions.
    • Your furniture will be cleaned and put in their proper places.
    • Waste and garbage of any kind will be removed from the area.
    • We will arrange any magazines, papers, mail and books that you may have lying around.

    Deep Cleaning

    We at The Fresh Cleaning can assure you that every room in your house will be thoroughly cleaned once we have verified and inspected every area. Our house cleaning services will help you have your dream home in every way by making sure your home is completely clean and spotless.

    Perhaps it comes naturally to you to routinely make your bed and do your laundry.
    Even if that might be the case, you might not have the energy to thoroughly clean and take care of everything in your home, which mostly involves deep cleaning like tidying, floor cleaning, and furniture cleaning. Try not to squeeze these important cleaning duties into your busy schedule as doing so in a rush might not be the greatest option. This is the reason our cleaning services are the ideal choice for you to have a personalized, adjusted cleaning strategy that is developed especially for your property.

    Your home’s surfaces, as well as any furniture you may have abandoned, will be thoroughly cleaned, organized, and left spotless. Furniture is washed, cleaned, and sanitized. Your bedsheets will be replaced, and your house will finally look absolutely stunning and wonderful.

    Every surface has a different cleaning procedure and approach, thus it needs to be cleaned and sanitized in accordance with certain specific methods.
    Hardwood floors require cleaning tools for thorough cleaning and require careful vacuuming. Cleaning agents specific to marble flooring are required. You can maintain a sense of cleanliness with deep cleaning.

    Our professionals in Toronto can deliver the most gratifying cleaning services for your home, regardless of the sort of cleaning you require—kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, move in or move out, or any other type of cleaning.

    End of Tenancy Cleaning

    Moving can be a highly stressful experience for anyone. Not only must you ensure that all of your cherished possessions are moved securely to your new house, but you also have to worry about returning your current home to its original state in order to move out without any issues. Additionally, the criteria set by real estate agents might vary greatly, and it can be unpredictable not knowing what standard of the house the agents will accept. However, cleaning up after the tenancy period is the worst thing to do. This is exactly why we’re here to shoulder your load and ensure that your house looks perfectly new and fully cleaned.

    We inspect every area of your home to make sure it is spotless and ready for you to rent it out to new tenants or to give it to your landlord so you can get your security deposit back. Ultimately, you will end up with a clean, sanitary property with our end of tenancy cleaning services that are specifically tailored for you.

    Post Construction

    Our staff will clean your home after your home has been constructed with our post construction cleaning services. Your new home in Toronto will be made homely and spotless by our professional residential cleaning services.
    We provide a range of services and initiatives to meet all of your post-construction needs. Our cleaning specialists have the skills, equipment, and methods to make your home shimmer and stand out, whether you need a quick cleaning service or a more complete deep clean.

    As we know that construction can occasionally be unpredictable and to ensure that your schedules and deadlines are met, our team works and makes sure to collaborate with other service experts and cleaning professionals. We focus on the small elements like trims, baseboards, light fittings, and more in order to decrease drywall dust and maintain the standard of cleanliness.

    The walls should be cleared of dust, filth, smudges, and scuffs. The interiors of cupboards, closets, tables, appliances and window blinds should be cleaned and taken care of. The ceiling fans, woodwork, and all other surfaces should be dusted. Windowsills, baseboards, windows and door frames should be spotless and wiped down.

    Window Cleaning

    Window Cleaning is important as bugs, dirt and any stains present on them will be cleaned and washed away, adding a glossy sheen to your home.

    With The Fresh Cleaning’s services your windows and doors will be washed properly from the inside out. Ledge cleanup will also be done and we will wipe down the windows properly.
    Dust, grime, cobwebs, and filament will be removed until your windows are thoroughly cleaned. The window sills and blinds are dusted and cleaned. We will make sure that we clean the shutters.

    Our team of professionals in Toronto employ superior methods for cleaning doors and windows. Our cleaning supplies and tools are top grade quality and get the job done flawlessly. We can ensure prompt, secure, and trustworthy services from our side. Our knowledgeable and skilled cleaners use advanced tools and equipment to make sure the window cleaning services provided are up to the mark.

    Laundry Services

    Our laundry services are designed to help meet all of your home cleaning and home assistance requirements. We take care of all your needs related to laundry such as pressing your clothing, washing and more.
    Getting your laundry done requires a lot of patience, and for people who lead busy lives, this can be a tedious and exhausting task.

    Laundry is important because it gives you clean, freshly pressed clothes to wear when you’re constantly hustling. This is where we step in to take on these tasks for you and make sure that our laundry services can reliably handle this for you. By establishing a schedule for regular laundry services to be done, you won’t have to stress or take time out to do it yourself. As you might need our services repeatedly, we can work with any regular time frame. Depending on your demands, we can fulfill any requirements.

    Our trained staff is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to quickly and effectively handle your laundry. We work quickly and quietly to complete the task without causing any disruptions. You won’t be dissatisfied with the high quality of services we provide. All of our employees are equipped and ready to handle any tasks or projects that may come their way. You can get the best laundry services from us in Toronto at reasonable prices, and you’ll be ecstatic looking at your clothes and laundry that will look brand new.

    Appliance Deep Clean

    We are a reputable cleaning service and we have the necessary expertise and understanding to complete an appliance deep cleaning service correctly. We make sure that the sensitive components of your appliance are safely secured during the entire cleaning process in order to make sure that we prevent any sort of costly damage.

    With this cleaning service, it will improve the lifespan, effectiveness, and the overall appearance of your appliance making it much cleaner. With this service, in the kitchen we thoroughly disinfect and clean the stovetop, microwave, fridge and any other surfaces that may have food waste, dirt or any type of residue left behind. We will get rid of any kind of odor that may be emanating from your refrigerator or washing machine. We use professional tools and cleaners for this service.
    Move In/Out Cleaning in Toronto

    Moving out or moving into a new house in Toronto

    Moving out or moving into a new house in Toronto is a hectic process that could end up causing a huge mess for you to deal with. Unpacking or packing up your entire home in a few days is always bound to cause huge messes and problems. There are numerous factors to consider before moving out. The chaotic disaster and mess left behind after leaving your home should be one of the key goals to take our professional cleaning services into account. We make the entire process much simpler as otherwise, you and the new owner would both have to deal with problems that may be caused.

    It’s common knowledge that you would choose to not have unnecessary issues lurking over your head as you try to move out or move into another place because it could cost you your security deposit or cause problems with your landlord or renters. This would also have an impact on the underlying agreement you have with your property manager. Keep in mind that leaving any kind of wreck or mess could have an impact and become stressful.

    You should make every effort to get out of your previous house as quickly as possible. Your home should be tidy and emptied out thoroughly so that you can leave with little to no complications or issues that may arise later. It is simple to forget how much still needs to be organized and cleaned at this time when you are moving out.

    This is where you can rely on our dependable and affordable cleaning services in Toronto to handle or clean up the mess for you instead of half heartedly attempting to do it yourself. Our cleaning services are the best choice you can employ while you are moving out. We make sure to complete the entire move in/ move out cleaning process quickly while adhering to any specifications that you may have.